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2015/11/03 English About us~
English About us~ (2015/11/03)

Still worry about the distributor no answer?
Waiting for the quotation?
Cannot find the resources?

Have difficulties to deal with the excess material
OD will stand by your side to hear your voice
OD definitely support the investigators whenever you need
Let OD to solve the problems anything will trouble you.  
OD can be
Customize delivery.
Professional management
PCB board manufactures
We have been producing the
Power supply
Medical unit board
Telecom switch board
Car navigator......
Find rare components
We contact with the stock factory around the world so that can help you to solve the problems in purchasing components.  
Small quantity purchasing
You don’t need to worry about the stock and small amount purchase.
Recommend in substitute
We have experiences in pursuing components and manufacturing over 20 years, therefore, OD can provide you the best suggestions in substitute.
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